F&E-Projekte im Rahmen meiner Aktivitäten am ttz Bremerhaven:



"Capacity Building for Sustainable Land Management (SLM) in Bulgaria" - Direct contract from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP-project) (February 2006-April 2006)

Target groups: SLM stakeholder on national, regional, local level; multiplicators and consultants, research organisations, NGOs
Participating countries:
Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland
Number of participants:
3 (without trained stakeholders)
40.000 USD

My activities
: Project acquisition, project management, training

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"Supporting the implementation of FP6 research activities related to waste water use and recycling by using new generation greenhouse systems, adapted to the requirements of the MED partner countries" (INCO, European Commission) www.cycler-support.net (September 2006-September 2008)
Target groups:               Mediterranean Greenhouse farmers and farmer associations; related stakeholders
Participating countries: Morocco, Tunisia, Germany, Italy
Number of Participants: 6
My activities:                  Project  acquisition

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"Integrated approach for a sustainable and health freshwater aquaculture" (aquaculture farmers as sustainable land managers of water-close areas of watersheds) - Collective Research Project, European Commission (www.sustainaqua.com) (September 2006-September 2009)

Target groups: European freshwater fish-farmer associations and fish farmers  
Participating countries: Denmark, Hungary, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Austria, Turkey, Switzerland, Malta, The Netherlands, Czech Republic
Number of Participants: 23
Budget: 3.497.906 EUR

My activities: Project acquisition, project management, coordination of case studies, know-how dissemination

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"Developing capacity for sustainable sanitation in India" (Asia-Pro-Eco II Project, Capacity Building, European Commission) www.ecosan-capacity.org (January 2007-July 2008)

Target groups: Local authorities (municipalities, local governments), NGOs, RTDs, related companies, journalists, Engineers, Planners, Slum dweller/Dalit representatives, household representatives.
Participating countries: India, Germany, Netherlands
Number of Participants: 8
Budget: 253.923,84 EUR

My activities: Project acquisition

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"Innovative production of high quality indoor earth plaster by adding cattail fiber". Objective: Economic valorization of constructed wetlands as important landscape modules for flood prevention and for climate control (CRAFT Project, European Commission) (www.plasterplus.info) (August 2006-August 2008)

Target groups: European small and medium companies working with natural loam construction material  
Participating countries: Austria, Germany, Spain, Estonia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Finland
Number of Participants: 10
Budget: 998.734 EUR

My activities: Project acquisition, project management, know-how dissemination

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"Land amelioration and desertification alleviation by Short-Rotation-Plants using saline/brackish water" (Asia Pro Eco Project, European Commission) www.ladas-project.info (March 2005-August 2006)

Target groups: Regional development authorities and land planning authorities, local consultants
Participating countries: China, Sweden, Germany
Number of Participants: 4
Budget: 489.744 EUR

My activities:Project acquisition, project management, field tests, know-how dissemination

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