My objectives within the context of aquascopie are:

  • To develop and to disseminate SLRM-know-how,
  • To strengthen scientific, societal and political SLRM discourses,
  • To support the development of local discussion platforms, SLRM implementation strategies and related organisation structures, and
  • To contribute to the development of SLRM incentive strategies, especially for farmers.

My target-group includes mainly:

  • Farmers/land owners and farmer associations,
  • Local SLRM-trainers or “key-persons” with the intention to potentially train other persons,
  • Discussion groups, roundtables and other discussion platforms particularly on a watershed scale and/or regional/local level,
  • Politicians, landscape planers and researchers,
  • Schools, universities and other education facilities, interested in “SLRM”.

I am realising these objectives by:

  • Communication & visualisation,
  • Development of SLRM implementation strategies,
  • Designing and carrying out research- and development projects, and training activities,

…and by a close collaboration with my network partners.