Ina Küddelsmann

born 1974 in Gräfelfing – married – two daughters

Studies: landscape planning, multimedia production

Most recent activities:

  • Research, project development and training in the thematic area "Blueing"/"Sustainable land use/management and decentralized business-networks". Focus: Holistic, water-based, integrating unterdstanding and view on the protection and stabilization of climate, water, soil and biosiversity; simple, effecitive and efficient monitoring of ecosystem stabilization; compatibility of humans and sustainability; effective leverage points for an effective and efficient process towards sustainability; innovative and sustainable business-lines in agriculture and regions
  • Finishing my doctoral thesis with similar questions

International activities: Argentina, Bulgaria, China, Estonia, Switzerland, Belgium (Brussels)

Foreign languages: English, Spanish

Selection of other SLRM-relevant milestones:

  • Since 2022: Employed at "mensch und region" for "Blueing"
  • Since 2013: Project development, speeches and private research in the context "Blueing" (parts in PhD thesis)
  • 2003-2013: Project development, project management, training and strategical activities at ttz Bremerhaven (thematic focus: sustainabel land management, role of land's surface water household related to climate-change, soil- and surface-water quality and biodiversity, innovative and sustainable business-lines
  • 2005: SLRM-lobbying in Brussels during an one-month-stay at the Brussel's permanent representation of Bremen, supported by ttz Bremerhaven
  • 2001: Foundation of the enterprise „aquascop“. Intention: SLRM-capacity-building via multimedia-based communication
  • 2000: 1. prize of the “FRU-Award” 2000: „Which kind of cultural landscapes do we need in Middle Europe in the next century? – Visions, strategies and instruments for the development of a regenerative and creative landscape, based on a land-(thermo-)dynamic approach.” In cooperation with Anja Brüll and Grit Bürgow. Published in “Raumforschung und Raumordnung, 59 (2/3) 2001, 98-110”
  • 1999: Co-foundation of the association „oicos e.V.“ (Organisation for International Cooperation on Sustainable Systems)
  • 1998/99: Video production „Ways to a sustainable society“ (in German)

Other References